4,650 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2



It's a modpack


This is a small TerraFirmaCraft modpack for 1.12.2, that comes with a select handful of mods and customizations, picked and designed to enhance the gameplay and flavour of TerraFirmaCraft itself.


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  • TerraFirmaCraft that changes the game as you know it.
  • You'll have to find your way from gathering simple rocks and sticks, to forging magnificent blast furnaces and durable metals.
  • Tinkers' Construct to enhance the tool gameplay, meaning you have the ability to make and customize tools to make them your very own.
  • Chiseling mods to personalize and detail your buildings and structure designs.
  • Revolutionizing mods that completely changes the way Minecraft's atmospheric sensations are, introducing different types of weather and sounds to your game.
  • Brings new physics and dangers to the world, where you'll now have to design clever and safe mineshafts, in order to survive and get your needed ores.
  • Handpicked and handtailored mods brought together for the best possible enhancing gameplay.


Upcoming changes and additions

It should not be surprising to you, but as new, interesting and fitting mods gets discovered or needed, they may be added to the modpack. On the other hand sometimes mods turn out to be severely broken and unfixable, and therefor have to be removed. 



As per usual, OptiFine for 1.12.2 is recommended for the modpack. Grab it from OptiFine.net here.



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