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Welcome! This is a modpack tailored around TerraFirmaCraft. Poetica comes with a variety of mods and some specifically tailored for it. Every mod brings beautiful new gameplay, flavour and new environments to what you already know from TerraFirmaCraft.


Got issues running the game? Here are a few solutions to known problems

Issue: Invisible character in-game (including arms in 1st person view, or character in 3rd person.

Solution: Restart the game.


Issue: The game is crashing and reporting something about "minecraft:pig".

Solution: Restart the game.

Tips: Keep the game window in focus to increase the odds of success.


Issue: The game is crashing and reporting with errorcode 1.

Solution: You likely didn't read the header before applying the additional JVM arguments. They only work for Java 8 (I.e. Minecraft versions below 1.18). Remove the arguments, and make **sure** you're running Minecraft with Java 17, otherwise it will **not** work! Or perhaps you've installed OptiFine -- REMOVE IT!


Issue: I get XYZ errorcode! Help!



Issue: There are a lot of black/purple (missing models) blocks scattered about!

Solution: TFC removed the required block models in version v2.2.19, and thus you must be using a version before that, if you play with Florae v2.1.2 or older.





  • A dedicated server, where players are welcome. Join the Discord server for more information!
  • TerraFirmaCraft that changes the game as you know it
  • You'll have to find your way from gathering simple rocks and sticks, to forging magnificent blast furnaces and durable metals
  • Chiseling mods to personalize and detail your buildings and structure designs
  • Revolutionizing mods that completely changes the way Minecraft's atmospheric sensations are, introducing different types of weather and sounds to your game
  • Brings new physics and dangers to the world, where you'll now have to design clever and safe mineshafts, in order to survive and get your needed ores
  • Handpicked and handtailored mods brought together for the best possible enhancing gameplay
  • My own custom mods TFC Florae and TFC Elementia have been hand-tailored to enhance the world exploration experience in Poetica! They bring tons of variety to the world


Recommendations (for 1.12.2 ONLY)



  • It's quintessential to get OptiFine. Get it from here. You install it like any other mod for Forge - no weird shenanigans!
  • Add the following paragraph to the JVM parameters in either the CurseForge client or the Minecraft client launcher. Doing the latter forces you to paste in the JVM parameters every time you launch the game (it doesn't save them).


-XX:NewSize=1G -XX:MaxNewSize=2G -XX:SurvivorRatio=2 -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -d64 -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+AggressiveOpts


  • Use the absolute latest version of Java 8 with Minecraft! The bundled version of Java 8 that comes with Minecraft is build 51, which is absolute trash. Currently the latest is Version 8 Update 321. Get the one working on your system here. To use a custom version of Java 8 and custom JVM parameters in the CurseForge client, go to the settings here page this way: Settings --> Minecraf
  • Consider enabling the TFC Florae Lite resource pack, that comes bundled with the modpack. It'll likely improve your game performance, by decreasing the overall RAM usage
  • Install OptiFine as per recommendation above.



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Video-stream by DankNStein on YouTube, showcasing some of the new additions in version 0.10 of Poetica!