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Our Website || Discord || RelicsOfAltair Modpack


Look no further.

AltariClouds Network:
A friendly yet sarcastic community that welcomes all sorts of people from around the world. Mainly English speaking network.

PixelClouds is not just a modpack:

It's a living, breathing world where the Pokémon and Minecraft communities converge. Join us on this epic journey, catch 'em all, and build your legacy in the extraordinary realm of PixelClouds!


Features Include:

- Multiple Worlds (Lobby, Games, Pixelmon+, Resource [wipes monthly], and so much more)
- VIP Areas with Ranks that share among all of our different Minecraft servers
- GUI Windows & Custom PokeNav
- WonderTrade, Dex Rewards, Bingo, Poke Hunts, Statue Hunts, Safari Zone, Training Grounds (and Pro TG), Staff Events, Tokens to edit Pixelmon, Auction, Staff & Player Gyms, etc
- Magnetic Items, Discord-InGame chat access, Timber, a plethora of Houses, PVs, Shiny Starters, Shulker Backpacks, Custom Biomes, and again so much more!


Community Events:
Engage in regularly scheduled community events, such as holiday celebrations, special Pokémon spawns, and themed challenges. Connect with fellow players, share your achievements, and forge lasting friendships in this dynamic multiplayer environment.


Gyms and Tournaments:
Test your skills by challenging custom-built Pokémon Gyms scattered across the Lobby. Gather your friends and participate in exciting tournaments to prove who the ultimate Pokémon Master is. Earn badges, rise in the ranks, and become a legendary force within the PixelClouds community.


Epic Boss Battles:
Encounter powerful legendary Pokémon and formidable bosses, pushing your team to its limits. Team up with other players to take down these colossal creatures and earn rare rewards that will aid you in your quest to become the very best.