âšˇ Highest Performance
 Performatic uses completely new performance mods and features that have yet to be added in other popular modpacks.
This allows to run at maximum performance with as low as 500 megabytes of RAM allocated!*

* We still suggest to allocate 1GB or more

đź‘Ą Built-In Public World Sharing
 Want to play with friends? By clicking "Share World" ingame, you are given an IP address that anyone can join, even if they don't have Performatic installed!

Keep in mind that latency isn't as good as a server! We still suggest using Bisect Hosting


🌎 Works Anywhere
 Clients running Performatic are able to join any multiplayer server, including, but not limited to; Hypixel, Wynncraft, and Origin Realms!
🎨 Built-In Resources & Shaders
No need to download any additional resourcepacks or shaders, as many come installed by default! Want to keep the fresh, vanilla look? No worries! None of the resourcepacks or shaders are enabled by default, allowing you to customize things to however you desire.


đź›  Customizable
No Optifine needed! Many mods and resourcepacks that typically require Optifine are compatible with Performatic. This includes Fresh Animations.
âś… Supports

Virtual Reality (Needs SteamVR)


Developed by SHXRKIE [Curseforge] & ElocinDev [Modrinth]