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Obscure Tooltips

Obscure Tooltips changes the look of tooltips by adding animated effects and decorative elements.
The higher the rarity of the item, the more colorful its tooltip!


Features (v2+)

Dynamic Styles:

  • Tooltips are modular and consist of panels, frames, icons and effects.
  • Elements can be combined to create styles.
  • Some features, such as enchantments and curses, add animated effects to the tooltip.

Models Preview:

  • Armor & Tools tooltips displays their 3D models.

Integrations and Customizations:

    • The mod supports full customization through resource packs.
    • You can change both the default presets and add an unlimited number of your own styles with custom textures and colors.
    • This also works for built-in assets in your mods. You don't need to add this mod to your dependencies to set up custom tooltips!


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