On The Edge

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This modpack is about balanced tech and challenging mobs. This is a hardcore modpack meant for people who want a challenge and build hi-tech bases. It adds powerful and dangerous mobs and reconfigures the tech mods so that they provide the player with a good challenge. Power generation will be a struggle. The main power generation mod in this modpack is Deep Resonance. This modpack also contains RFTools which is reconfigured to be more challenging as well. Efficiency dimlets are not as good as they are normally, dialed transmitters need power, peaceful mode in the environmental controller needs more power and so on.


Feedback and discussion about this modpack here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/forums/modpack-discussions/third-party-packs/5920-on-the-edge-discussion-and-suggestion-forum


Config changes:

  • RFTools:
    • Random generated features in a dimension cost 20% instead of default 10%
    • The chance of finding dimlet dungens is reduced.
    • You can never get the total maintenance cost of a dimension below 30% (as opposed to 10% with regular rftools)
    • Efficiency dimlet only does 10% instead of 20%. Mediocre efficiency dimlet only does 4% instead of 5%
    • Volcanoes in volcano feature dimensions are more frequent
    • The peaceful and regeneration environmental controller modules are more expensive
    • A dialed matter transmitter consumes 3RF/tick
    • Teleporting to a matter receiver costs 10000 instead of 5000 RF
  • Iguana Tweaks:
    • Removed some useless random bonuses
  • Ender Zoo:
    • Reduced dire slime spawning rate
  • Deadly World:
    • Reduced size and frequency of silverfish veins
  • Railcraft:
    • Disabled residual heat (hidden block)
  • Not Enough Wands:
    • Made the teleportation wand use RF
    • Made the spawning wand use durability
    • Made the illumination wand use RF
  • Oregen:
    • Removed oregen in various mods to avoid too many duplicates
    • Removed lime/marble generation from some mods




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