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Filename Omnifactory - 1.2.0 - Endgame
Uploaded by damien_reave
Uploaded Jun 30, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Added a custom main menu


The questline for Microverse Projectors can now be accessed by completing the Extraterrestrial Mobs quest from the Deep Mob Learning area, in addition to the previous method of going to the Moon. This better reflects the semi-optional nature of a Moon landing.


Other misc quest text fixes


Nether Stars, Soularium, Dark Soularium, and all 5 types of Empowered Crystals now have molten forms.


Superconductive Wires are now made from Draconium Wires along with 144mb of Molten Nether Star in a Vacuum Freezer.


Crystal Matrix Ingot no longer require Crystaltine Ingots. In their place are Crystal Matrices, which will require Exquisite Diamonds. A new Microminer mission has been 


Stellar Creation Data and Universe Creation Data now are made inside Microverses instead of the Assembler.


More ways of creating Impossible Realm Data.


Dragon Eggs are no longer craftable. In its place is a microminer mission to get yourself some dragon eggs using a t6 miner.


Einsteinium in a Fusion Reactor is now much, much more appealing to make. The amount output has been doubled, and the power required to sustain the fusion reaction has been quartered, and the duration per operation has been halved.


The recipe for Quantum Flux has been made a bit harder. An alternate recipe using Moondust has been provided.


Lunar Mining Station has been added, along with a Deuterium Rover and a Helium-3 Rover. This should let you use Helium Plasma (or one of the other plasma recipes) for fuel sustainably.

EIO's Energetic Silver can now be made in a blast furnace.


Drill Cores can now be purchased for 500 Omnicoins.


You can now process DE Draconium Ore in a macerator, for all you silk touch drill folks.


Stone Gears from EIO can now be crafted.


All things essentia needle related gone.


Easy rocket fuel recipe has been removed.


Various Microminer missions have changed what they return, other new missions have been added.


AE2 spatial pylon recipe has been made much easier, for earlier Naquadah Reactors.


Omnium now requires Stabilized Thorium instead of a Thorium Ingot. Stabilized Thorium can be crafted from liquid thorium, and various types of NC thorium that were previously useless now have a function in becoming this.


Vertical Digger recipe is fixed.


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