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Filename Omnifactory 1.1.0 Bountiful
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Uploaded Jun 18, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Added the Bountiful system. You can now turn in quests for components in exchange for Omnicoins. Quests can be found by making a Bounty Board. Better start batch crafting those components!


Omnicoins now come in many denominations. Your current Omnicoins are now Omnipennies. Omnicoins can be used to buy ores in the crafting grid, similar to how UU-Matter works. As such, the coin shop no longer exists in the questbook.


Gregtech Axes no longer work due to a bug. They have been replaced by Lumberaxes (from the mod Lumberjack) which do basically the same thing. Happy chopping!


All Thermal enchantments have been reenabled. Yay.


The Nuclearcraft recipe integrations that weren't properly tested have been properly tested. Largely this means a lot of stuff has been disabled, others redone manually.


GTCE Turbines are now all working properly. The configs for their power gen have been borrowed from the Interactions team (thanks Vyraal).


The 'Essentia Needle' system and everything stemming from it (Motes of Life, the four alchemical fluids, crafting lead to other ingots inside cauldrons, etc) is all being phased out of the pack entirely. The recipe to craft Essentia Needles has been removed, but the content won't be taken out of the pack entirely for two weeks (two update cycles), in order to give you time to use up any remaining materials you have.


The layout of the Oil Drilling Rig has changed slightly, so you'll need to tweak your multiblocks a bit. They also now require a steady input of Drilling Fluid to function (10 mb consumed per 1000 mb of oil). Additionally, there is a 1% chance for the Rig to consume a unit of Pipe per bucket of oil it produces. You'll feed these spare Pipes to the rig through the Item Input Hatch... the actual Pipes extending downward from the Rig will never be consumed.


The layout of the Medium and Large Multiverse Projectors has changed very very slightly. The fluid input and output hatches have been removed, as they're not used in any recipes.


Updated to the newest build of Logistical Pipes.


Updated GTCE in order to get NANOSABERS!!!!


Quadrupled the speed at which Cryogenic Air Distillation Towers process Liquid Air. Noble Gas Separation processing speed was cut in half.

Due to some changes in GTCE, two of the high tiered circuits (Crystal Circuit and Quantum Processor) needed to be replaced by custom items. You can convert existing versions of the items to the Omnifactory versions in the crafting grid. You'll have to rework all patterns involving those circuits in AE2 though.


Solar Panels Tiers 5 and higher have had their power outputs reduced by 50%


Reactant Dynamos and Numismatic Dynamos have had their base power generation rates greatly increased, from 80 RF/t and 100 RF/t, to 250 RF/t and 500 RF/t respectively. This will naturally result in them eating fuel much faster as well. However, without any need for Auxiliary Transmission Coils, you should be able to load them up with Fuel Catalyzers and make them more competitive sources of early game power. The Elemental Catalyzer augment is available much earlier in the game as well.


The amount of Canola Oil and its various offshoots to instead act as a catalyst for turning Ethanol into Biodiesel. Later tiers of Canola Oil create more biodiesel to make your ethanol last longer. Added recipes to craft later canola oil tiers inside GT machines instead of relying on in world crafting.


A large number of super-endgame recipes have been reworked. Many Draconic Fusion crafting recipes have had their power costs dramatically reduced, and the amount of Omnium for various endgame items had been slashed down. Infinity Ingots have been removed from all endgame items and now require an Infinity Catalyst to make. Neutronium Frames are now craftable, and various issues with the two types of Neutronium Plates have been fixed (crudely).


Draconium in the Blast Furnace conflict has been resolved (again).


Black Quartz Ore can now be smelted into Black Quartz.


Iron Gears can now be crafted by hand.


Bucket recipe added to Assembling Machine.


Carbon Mesh can now be made with Carbon.


The recipes for the LV versions of the Precision Laser Engraver and Thermal Centrifuge have been removed, since they have no valid recipes.

Fixed the Super Star Bow recipe.


Enabled higher tiered Thermal Centrifuges and Ore Washers.


You can now extract milk from Cow Eggs. Yeah.


Changed the way you acquire the Creative Portable Tank.

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