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Filename Omnifactory Beta
Uploaded by damien_reave
Uploaded May 9, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 9.35 MB
Downloads 260
MD5 e3b3cce330f3bf5a32200e2aefd939a2
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Energy Conduits, CEFs and CEUs have been reworked. This has a reasonable chance of disrupting your power setup, so check everything after the update.
Added a Cryogenic Air Distillation tower multiblock. Cannot do air separation in the centrifuge anymore.
Added a Medium Microverse Projector, which is needed for all micro miner missions tiers 4+. The large one is still a work in progress (and not included in this update), but it will eventually be needed for tiers 7-10.
Added a recipe for Crystal Processor Mainframe.
Made the late game CEU/CEF accept all circuits of the proper tier instead of only Wetware.
Tier 4 Microminer now gives Osmium, giving access to it much earlier.
Added the ability to pulverize Certus Quartz Crystals into Certus Dust
Added machine recipes missing from base GTCE: long hss-g rod, long neodynium rod, long hss-e rod, hsse small gear, small neutronium gear, long neutronium rod, neutronium round, HSS-G small gear
The voltage to process Radium Salt has been reduced to EV tier
Many types of seeds can now be turned into Seed Oil that previously couldn't.
Modular Machine Energy Input and Output hatches have been reworked a bit.
Changed the recipes for Dragon's Breath, Draconium Dust and Draconium Ingots.
Misc Quest Fixes
Fixed recipes for Reactor Cells and Optical Sensor

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