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Filename Omnifactory 0.9.6
Uploaded by damien_reave
Uploaded May 2, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 9.35 MB
Downloads 135
MD5 01fecb84bbab3083230f68bbc9cf1b16
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Updated to the newest Gregtech CE version, which has a bunch of fixes and buffs to overclocking.


The requirement for Scandium has been changed to Lanthanum (obtainable from Rare Earth)


Rare Earth is a byproduct of Impure Redstone Dust now.


You get a bit of Einsteinium from the tier six Microminer.


The output from Omnium into Superconductor Wire has been massively increased. 


Misc Quest Fixes.


Reverted the changes of Quantum Eyes and Quantum Stars back to Radon.


Tweaked some of the later blast furnace recipes to make them take less time. Many late game recipes are now 120 EU/t with a very long duration to encourage benefiting from overclocking.


Iridium Alloy Heavy Plating has been changed to Iridium Heavy Plating, to greatly reduce the blast furnace time needed to make the tier five microminer.


A few dozen other small changes.

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