Odds and Ends

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Tinkers' Construct | Twilight Forest | Quark | Chisel | Ice and Fire | ThaumCraft | Blood Magic | Forestry | Thermal Mods | EnderIO | And More


Please bear in mind this modpack is in BETA.


For Support: 

Github | Wiki (Work In Progress)


If anyone has more than 3 months of experience with making modpacks and would like to help me manage the modpack such as fixing bugs, adding FTB Quests, etc then please contact me on Discord: PiggiesGoSqueal#5552 !



The goal of Odds and Ends is to provide a wide variety of features in a well-balanced, immersive, and interactive experience. Furthermore, it is designed to be a public modpack and be server-friendly, as well as, SpongeForge friendly. My goal is to make the job of server owners as easy as possible. This means the typical optimization mods are added and configurations (i.e. banned items) are made to remove major lag causing sources out of the box (for the serverpack / modpack). These changes are, of course, configurable. For more information check the wiki.

The modpack has been in progress for over 3 months and more than 600 hours have been put into the development of this modpack! Worry not, I didn't just throw a whole bunch of mods together and call it good. No, there is well-thought out planning and changes in order to be optimized and cater to both beginner and advanced modders alike!

This modpack aims to provide something for everyone to enjoy and to be possible for nearly all players to join. I took a poll for 26 players and 96% of them (all but 1) were able to allocate 4+ GB to Minecraft. As a result this modpack is designed to be played with 4-6 GB (for players).




Want to try this modpack for yourself? Join this Modpack's Official Server (click here for our Discord link)!

This Discord server is not the place to get support regarding the modpack. Use Github Issues for that.


Please Note: There will not be a public server until a stable version of the modpack has been released. In the meantime there is a beta testing server.




Please bear in mind this modpack is in BETA. Thus, while it does have all the features mentioned below, it may not be fully stable at this point. I am working full-time on getting it setup and I have a group of beta testers committed to ensuring this pack is as bug-free as possible so we can release a stable version. Further details on this modpack will be updated as more progress is made on it.



✅ More mobs and animals

✅ More items and blocks to enjoy and build with

✅ More dimensions to explore and bosses to fight

Technology and machines to expand your possibilities

Magic to learn and master

✅ Useful and convenient tools such as Xaero's Minimap Fair Play Edition, JEI, and damage indicators.

✅ New redstone features to improve your designs

✅ New crops, trees, and food to love

✅ Breeding of trees, bees, flowers and butterflies

✅ Genetic Manipulation

View the mods list to learn more.



Important Notes:

  • The features will be updated which each major modpack update.
  • The modpack does not come with a chunk pregenerator mod because the normal one does not work alongside SpongeForge (which the serverpack contains). It is still strongly recommended to set a world border and pregenerate your chunks though. Read




More images will be added as the modpack becomes closer to it's official stable release!

NetherEx mod
NetherEx mod



- FTB Quests

- Maybe some Guides / Tutorials using FTB Guides

- Maybe modded loot in dungeons (from Roguelike Dungeons - Fnar Edition (by fnardottv))

Minimum Allocated RAM for players on servers: 4 GB
Recommended Allocated RAM for players on servers: 4-6 GB

Minimum Allocated RAM for singleplayer or server-side: 4 GB

Recommended Allocated RAM for singleplayer or server-side: 5+ GB (varies depending on playerbase size, whether you're using dedicated RAM, etc)




  • It is STRONGLY recommended to pre-generate your worlds before playing. This will greatly reduce lag.
  • According to the Chisel support team, Optifine is NOT supported due to a conflict with ConnectedModTextures (for Chisel). However, many other mods are added to minimize lag.
  • This is NOT a kitchen sink modpack. As it is made to be used on servers, the configurations are made to minimize lag from major sources while not largely impacting gameplay. In addition, configurations allow the mods to work more smoothly together and be more beginner friendly, while not limiting features for advanced users.




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