Nuclear Survival

901 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

the idea i have be hind it/everything is that its going to be custom world gen Kind of like a pack u may or may not know its called Crash Landing but what i am making is going to be diffrent and i don't know how ima do the custom world gen yet or like what its going to look like in full but i got the basic idea of it their will be very few trees hear and their theirs likly not going to be any water it will be very rare to find it Natural World gen witch is why you will need to use the quest book from HQM(Hardcore Questing Mode) and the basic back story/idea of it is that your a surviver of a nuculear explotion/melt down from like i dunno the goverment.... maybe nuculear power plant i dunno but your a survivor of the explotion and you have to work your way up to re build a civilization


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