Magia ex Machina

85 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2


Enter the shadows, yet beware what awaits you behind every corner.  Enter a world where evil lurks in the darkness and where the slightest slip up can cost you your life.  Choose to follow the path of the arcane or to industrialize the land, the goal is not just to survive the threats of the world but to thrive in spite of them.


This is my first attempt at a modpack so please forgive any error or bugs, and if you come across any please report them.  This pack is made to be very difficult at the beginning but should become exponentially easier as you progress. Also this uses a beta version of Thaumcraft 6 so please expect updates often.  


This pack contains many magic and tech mods, including thaumcraft 6, reliquary, applied energistics, blood magic, and astral sorcery.   As well as many others that encourage exploration and make the game harder such as tough as nails and spice of life. 



P.S. Torches are a must.


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