NSL Mini-Mega Sky Challenge

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You are one of a few lone survivors of a world long since gone. Only recently have the Gods of your world decided to reincarnate the elect of a people long since dead. They are bored and desire to watch you recreate the world with what thought you can muster! Do you accept the challenge or return to your blissful sleep?


A mod pack with server that features the Sky Resources mod by Bartz24 and a few tech and magic mods. Created under the the following constraints.


  • Must be runnable as SSP by 4 Gig Rigs (A system with 2 to 4GB of Ram) Systems with less than 4 Gigs will have no choice but to play on the associated server entry under the Multiplayer button.
  • No Sorry Licenses - there are multitude of licenses out there put out by mod authors and whole lot of those work just fine on their own, but sometimes a mod author will shit all over the standard license language and require stuff like, ask for permission, let me know, etc etc etc. This puts a huge hindrance on getting listed with other Launchers like FTB, ATL, and the new one at Feelcraft.co.uk, because those launchers want you to screen shot every message where you feel that the extra shitted upon license terms have been fulfilled.
  • Mini-Mega means to install as a matter of course mods that add the most amount of content in one go.
  • Don't add a bunch of mods that do at most 10 things or less.
  • Keep it to around 80 mods or less.

This pack weighs in at 50 mods and features both Sky Resources and Immersive Engineering!


Latest server at http://www.kreezcraft.com/minecraft/dedicated-forge-servers/

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