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3,544 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 21, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Nova Academy's goal is to enhance skilled players' experience within modded Minecraft while allowing new modded Minecraft players the ability to learn at there own pace while in a vanilla environment.
Filled with tech, magic, exploration, adventure, and hundreds of quests to guide you through your journey.


Nova Academy's Story

Many years ago I was just an ordinary player who enjoyed the modded Minecraft gameplay. As time went on it became quite the accomplishment of completing one pack after another, from tekkit to ftb through many other popular packs, let alone the countless of lets plays and tutorials posted to youtube. After being staff for many past popular modded server hosts, I ran into many bugs, issues, tweaks, and people who were very experienced in this field. I began to wonder if it was ever possible for one to design the perfect pack that was suitable to test advanced modded players of there skills and knowledge but also teaches new modded players the way's of mods and how everything works. The challenge was designing difficulty in the manner that it needed to be, through researching, testing, and many trial and errors, it was finally time to make the pack that will change how players come together to make something EPIC! The outcome came out to be an extremely versatile modpack that not only guided those who needed it but also gave the objective basis to those advanced players. To this day the pack stays updated and tends to sway with new changes to give players new aspects to modded Minecraft to keep the excitement and experience going.

How Nova Academy impacts your gameplay experience  )

With many of the top best technology and magic mods, we give you the opportunity to learn how to make machines and electric powered tools and armor that you can recharge with batteries. The get even better! We all have used computers, right? Well in this pack you can make just that but better! Imagine that you have a bunch of machines that you want to have running with just a click of a button while you sit at your computer. Well, Applied Energistics will allow you to do just that; control everything with just your fingertips, even with the selected magic mods like blood magic. Whatever your dream world or base is, you can have just that here in the Nova Academy! 
Another amazing design that was brought to the pack was the ability to integrate both new and advanced players together by creating a multi-objective based reward system along with custom script changes to create a different modded experience, all while keeping a vanilla environment with 100's of quests to guide you along your journey.


Base Mods
(Meaning we will never get rid of!)
EnderIO, CoFH mods, Blood magic, AE2, IC2, Draconic Evolution, Industrial forgoing, Pam's Harvescraft, Mekanism, Extra Utilities 2.
( We have 100 plus mods, But it is scheduled to change in future updates to add more discoveries in the world around you)

As far as License goes, Everyone and anyone can download and share the pack as they wish as the mods are public under there own license and have their own configs, 
I am reserving the right to state that any custom changes, such as scripts and custom code added to the pack are reserved and not permitted for copying as that was my hours and days of my hard work.
If you copy this pack and only change it's slightest of changes such as mods or script tweaks, I am still asking you credit my name for the work that was already there.
(All Mods implemented within Nova Academy are publicly located within the Curse Forge website and application.)



This pack requires a minimum of 4-6 gigs of ram allocation.
6 Gb Ram is recommended for optimal gameplay.
It is possible that many 8 gig system won't be able to run this pack.
Please utilize java arguments!



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