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This Mod contains several items from the Legend of Zelda Series such as Ocarina of Time, Majora's mask, A link to the past, and more to come.

With this mod comes many different things, and some of these things includes but is not limited to..





Magic Items

Magic Tools

Decoration Blocks


So how do i start?

After starting a new world, you will automatically learn a few recipes. Some of these items will include Swords, the Kokiri armor, Clay mask,

and the book of Mudora. Depending on what you make, you will unlock more recipes. Crafting the Book of Mudora will unlock a lot of things

for the player, and is suggested to get if you don't know any crafting recipes.There is also an Achievement system that will help guide you

with some things you can do.


What are the crafting recipes?

Through playing the game you will naturally obtain crafting recipes for Blocks, Weapons, Items and Armors/Masks.

I would Recommend starting with crafting the Book of Mudora and the Kokiri Tunic next.


How do i get the Triforce?

First you must get 7 Triforce Shards of one kind,

and these shards are dropped from specific mobs at Rare rates.

Once you get 7 of a kind you just craft them all together to get a whole piece.

When you collect all 3 whole Triforce pieces you combine them together into the Triforce


Power shard drops:

Blaze 1/60

Ghast 1/35

MagmaCube 1/90

Zombie Pigman 1/70

Wither Skeleton 1/40

Wither 1/1


Courage shard drops:

Cave Spider 1/50

Drowned 1/70

Guardians 1/55

Vindicator 1/25

ElderGuardian 1/1


Wisdom shard drops:

Evoker 1/25

Phantom 1/45

Pillager 1/60

Ravager 1/65

Shulker 1/25

Skeleton 1/75

Witch 1/20

EnderDragon 1/1


 How do i get the Master Sword?

You're going to want to head down and start mining. You'll be looking for a purple mineral, Master Ore.

It spawns in the depths through  0 y - 19 y.


 How do i get the Remains?

To craft a Remain you must use a specific set of masks.


Odolwas Remains


Goht's Remains


Gyorgs Remains


Twinmold's Remains





To start off getting armor you're going to want to get rupees to craft the kokiri armor. Rupees can be found by killing any Hostile Mob, depending on the mob it will drop more or less than others.

Once you have some rupees, you can start to craft the different types of armor and tunics.


Kokiri Armor:  Very basic armor for any starting Hero, has low defense but doesn't break.

kokiri armor

Goron Armor: An Armor originally created from Gorons, with this you can go through any hot environment without issue.

Goron armor

Zora Armor: Originally created from Zoras, through their armor you can explore the depths of the ocean floor.

Zora Armor

Purple Armor: The set wouldn't be the same without purple, like the kokiri set this is just a different way to look

Purple Armor



Postman's Hat  - 

All-Night Mask  -  With this you become wide awake and can see better in the dark. [gives night vision]

Blast Mask  -

Stone Mask  -  You become heavily ignored by any passerby [gives invisibility]

Great Fairy Mask  -

Deku Mask  - [Cannot be poisoned]

Keaton Mask  -

Bremen Mask  -

Bunny Hood  - Harness the power of a bunny [gives speed boost]

Don Gero's Mask  - Hop with the Hood of Don Gero [gives jump boost 2]

Mask of Scents  -

Goron Mask  - Cannot be withered with Stone like skin

Romani's Mask  -

Troupe Leader's Mask  -

Kafei's Mask  -

Couple's Mask  -

Mask of Truth  -

Zora Mask  - Allows the Wearer to swim lika a Zora at the cost of Stamina

Kamaro's Mask  -

Gibdo Mask  -

Garo's Mask  -

Captain's Hat  -

Giant's Mask  -

Fierce Deity's Mask  - Through a determination of Adventure, you can obtain the mask of Strength. [Gives jump boost and Strength 2]

Majoras Mask  - A mask made of pure evil [gives Bad omen, speed 2, strength 2, resistance 2 and wither]


Weapons & Tools: 

Combat: Basic Weapons every hero can use.

Kokiri Sword

Razor Sword

Gilded Sword

Master Sword

Hero's Bow

Lynel Bow x3

Lynel Bow x5

Deku Shield

Hylian Shield

Magic Items:  The Require some stamina to use but give different abilities.

Din's Fire  - Allows the player to start unlimited fires

Farore's Wind  - Can Teleport to set locations

Nayru's Love  - Grants the user invincibility for a short duration

Magic Cape  -  Gives the player invincibility and invisibility

Tools Items: These Items offer a variety of abilities from strength, teleportation, or easier travel

Magic Mirror  - Takes the player back to their bed

Rocks feather - While being held the player can have a higher jump and small slow decent

Moon Pearl  - Can warp between the Overworld and Nether (if there is no portal it will create one, and if there is one created it will take you through the nearest)

Hero's Secret Stash  - A quick access to the Enderchest

Silver Scale  - While in the players inventory, you have 10 seconds of water breathing while above water level

Golden Scale  - Like the silver scale, but with a longer duration of 20 seconds

Triforce of power, courage, and wisdom  - Each give different status effects with different durations

The Triforce  - Gives effects of all the 3 pieces combined

Iron Boots  - Gives A boost of speed underwater [Wip]

Hover Boots  - Allows the player To hover over gaps [Wip]

Pegasus Boots  - These Boots offer a High speed when running on land, but can cost some stamina

Zora Flippers  - When in the water, you can swim at Highers speeds like the Zora

Roc's Cape  - While worn you will fall slowly and a higher jump



Join the Discord, if you have any questions, want to check on updates, or just talk.





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