Nostaliga Pack

54 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12
  • First of all you realize that the menu has changed.(Options menu is changed too)
  • Game is starting with "OOH" sound.
  • All textures and models are changed back to old.
  • You can't change a world type or structure generating.
  • When your map is loading you can read tips/trivias below.(Some trivias are so long to read.)
  • Selection box is changed back to old.
  • Hunger system is changed back to old.
  • You can't craft a bed.Craft a crying obsidian for set spawning.
  • You can't craft a shear.Punch to sheep for wool.
  • In the world you can see some humans(Steve,Alex).Alex has steve outfit.(in Alpha only)
  • You can stack tools(pickaxe,axe,sword,hoe,shovel,flint and steel and flint and steel).
  • Aether is changed to Sky Dimension.(but portal isn't changed).[Buggy]
  • I'm added cave_tech_test, alpha and beta generating. 

Go to the website for looking images.(This message is for Twitch Launcher)

I'm planning to seperate this modpack to 3 modpacks.Because some features did not match with original features.(I wont going to delete this post)


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