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155 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 9, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

It's a mod that adds 1.13-1.14 feeling to 1.12.2.Some features are missing because there aren't any mods for some features.Instead of that features I added some similar mods.

For examples

  1. You can find fish mobs,corals in seas
  2. There are some new villager types
  3. There is a difference about pumpkin carving.The difference is you need to put shears and pumpkin in crafting table(depends on shape you put)
  4. There're a block like cartocraphy table , barrel , scaffolding and composter(there's no mod for cutter,fletching table,lectern etc).
  5. There's a thing about scaffolding,you can't climb to.
  6. You can find different types of foxes in some biomes(i don't know which biomes you can find in).
  7. There are so much features to write down

1.14 noteblock sounds added(Version 1.1)

I added some extra noteblock sounds.

This pack contains 2 optional packs, a pack with 1.13 textures(in 1.14 current textures are Jappa's v3 but in this pack it's v2) and Overlay Textures 1.12.

This mod pack is not finished yet!

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