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Zengineering with VR [FORGE]

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Zengineering with VR [FORGE]


(I'm not sure why but I think something went wrong with this modpack, however I've finished my third and final modpack for 1.20 and its available here


Seize command of your squad of colonists and villagers, leading the charge in advancing technology and revolutionizing agriculture. Wage war against the encroaching threat of pollution, embark on interstellar journeys, and explore alternate dimensions. The era of transforming into a true Citizen of the Stars has arrived. Assume control of your colony, dominate the universe, and seamlessly transition in and out of virtual reality whenever you desire – all powered by the immersive capabilities of SteamVR. And, as an added bonus, brace yourself for the ultimate fusion of Dragon Ball Z and DOOM. Engage in the extraordinary!




Dive into the mods that redefine the gaming experience:


Unleash the power of a remastered Deep Dark with the introduction of Sculkrum, a resource surpassing Netherite and Enderite. Arm yourself with formidable gear to take on the mighty Warden.

Engage in legendary DBZ battles against Freeza, Cell, and Goku Black that will test your combat prowess to the limit.


Immerse yourself in the Nether with the DOOM Mod, bringing a whole new dimension of intensity to your gameplay.


Master the art of Immersive Engineering as you ascend the technological ladder, unlocking the full potential to craft your own dimensions. Your journey promises a decade-long world save.


Embrace industrial-scale manufacturing with Voluminous Energy's cutting-edge machines, complemented by craftable chunk loaders for seamless gameplay.


Establish settlements anywhere with MineColonies, where colonists construct structures based on their distinct personalities. Expand your empire to the Moon or Mars, courtesy of the Ad Astra rocket mod.


Boost your resource production with Resource Chickens and Botany Pots, featuring custom endgame recipes like the Eternal Stella chicken and CREATIVE vending upgrade chicken.


Explore new materials like Enderite and Sculk, even encountering an Argent chicken for Doom progression.


Navigate your survival with Nature's Compass and Explorer's Compass, providing objectives and direction to new locations.


Rediscover the thrill of Nether and End mining with Dimensional Ores, adding an exciting twist to the essence of "MINE"craft.


Craft your own Spawners and Spawn Eggs in survival, creating a 3D factorio experience. Loot chests and mine Randomium Ore with its unique property of transforming into any item in the pack.


Experience the repercussions of industrial output with Pollution of the Realms, where empire growth must be managed to avoid catastrophic consequences.


Immerse yourself in RPG-like mechanics and roguelike dungeon crawling with Advent of Ascension, gaining XP in skills that unlock new abilities and perks as you progress.


Soar to new heights in the Amplified Nether and The End, introducing extended build height for a more dynamic and vertical MCDoom experience.


Explore the depths of the Twilight and Aether mods, enhanced with additional modern addons for an expanded adventure that builds upon these mods with extra content.


Unlock endgame materials like advanced netherite, enderite, bedrock, awakened supremium, and insanium, along with hidden Sculk tech. Transform Minecraft into a clicker or idle game with endless possibilities in Creative mode.


Forge your own architectural marvels with the Chisels&Bits mod in tandem with Framework Carpentry Blocks, granting you unparalleled customization possibilities for your builds. Immerse yourself in the art of precision and craftsmanship as you carve intricate details and shape the very essence of your virtual world. The combination of these mods adds a layer of creativity that transcends traditional building, allowing you to craft structures that are truly one-of-a-kind.


Allocate 4GB to Java for an optimal gaming experience that awaits the daring adventurer.