Gaian Engineering

1,014 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 19, 2022 Game Version: 1.17.1  


 IP Address:



Custom Datapacks installed:

Terralith, Incendium, Brackenpack


Looking for new people to join packchat on Discord!

Message directly Gaia Kitten#5807 for invites

Recruiting: Moderators, Builders, Redstone Engineers, Survival players, PVPers and RPers.


Gamemode: Survival

Difficulty: Hard



G14.18.1 Release must be installed to join the public SMP server anyone allowed to play here.


Modpack Link:


Gaia Kitten Presents - Gaian Engineering 


Works best with Large Biomes world type. 4.5Gb RAM
Features include:


- CLAIM YOUR LAND! With a Golden hoe and use the command /flan menu to SECURE your base.


- MCDoom has let loose all hell in the nether! In the ocean there now lurks dangers in the Dark Waters! You can't escape with a Time Machine but you could try. Another option, Evacuate the Planet!


- Spawner customization using the spawner key. So you will be able to create more elaborate and more powerful mob farms and also design your own dungeons from scratch.


- Flat Bedrock.


- Boosted Early-Game to get your mining operation up fast, if you are starting over again then not painful but still balanced.
(Prefab, Steam Drill = 3x3)

You will enjoy being boosted, as it will enable you to reach the brand new Better Nether and Better End.


- Don't get lost! The Charm mod provides a craftable ATLAS to keep all your maps in order.  There is no minimaps to preserve the immersive feeling of vanilla MC.


- Mashed-up terrain generation unique to this modpack, you will find endless interesting terrain and want to make a base everywhere.


- When you get bored of dimension hopping, craft a starship and hop in to explore the rest of the Gaian Galaxy!


- Nature's Compass and Explorer's compasses will guide you to the new locations in survival.


- Dimensional Ores makes Nether and End mining fun again!


-Travel to Space! Build your own space station! Up to 10 explorable worlds in the Solar System. 


- Craft your own Spawners and Spawn Eggs in survival to build the most epic factorio experience!


- New Redstone mechanics to explore. Along with TWO sets of redstone lamps in every colour!


- No more limitations! Included are mods which remove the enchantment cap. 49 new enchantments to play with. Beacons can be BIGGER! Up to 10 tiers high.


- All chests, shulker boxe and barrel are upgradable with tokens, its expensive in a good way you ALWAYS need more Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite!!




IP Address:

I relocated the server due to possibly network issues so the new ip is: but everything else on the world is the same, if you've had issues connecting i hope this resolves it. 


Useful Server commands: /RPGstats, /Home set (name), /home list, /warp list,

if u glitch out or get stuck with status effects type /kill


use a Golden Hoe to claim an area on the server as your own and use the /flan menu command to control who is allowed access and lock your chests etc. prevent creeper damage and things like that.


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