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Update 0.5.12


This should be either the last or second to last update in Alpha.  I've added in the mods to start on quest work and pack mode recipes and removed a couple of mods that are causing severe cascading worldgen still.  The only area that it is still an issue is in the mining dimension but I'm working on the Aroma config to see if I can make it go away that way.  Futurepack might come back if the worldgen issues get fixed, rustic was more for aesthetics but also causes cascading worldgen at the moment.  Roots 2 does as well but I'm not taking that out of the pack since it will be integral and it's worldgen cascade is minimal.


The next release should be 0.6.0 and will be the first Beta release.  I will begin with the progression based pack mode first and then add in the freestyle and tutorial pack modes after.


Added Mods:


Better Questing

Better Questing - Standard Expansion

FTB Tweaks


Removed Mods (mostly due to cascade worldgen issues):




Ad Infernos (crash bug)

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