My Own Sink

1,559 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

We are currently in beta.  There are two modes available for testing:

  • Freestyle - A largely unmodified recipe base with no quests and minimal gating
  • Expert Stage One - This is all the mods up through steel production along with at least dipping your feet in most of the key magic mods.  You will want to get deeper into the steel age before you can move on to stage two.  Considering stage two isn't written yet that's a good thing.  Also,  I'm still working on quests, configs and occasionally recipes for stage one :)

Please use the issues page to report problems with pack quests, recipes or stability issues.  For mod specific issues please reference each mod's issue trackers.  


When you start a new world,  open your quest book with the grave (tilde) key on your keyboard. Select your pack mode,  claim and complete your quest and close out of the book and wait for the quests to stop :)



Ensure that at the start of your world you team up in BQM before setting your quest mode.  Only one of you should have to do it and the world should conform.  I do not believe you need to have cheats enabled on a LAN world for it to function.  For small pop multiplayer servers,  the admin should login and set the gamestate the same way you would in singleplayer.  Future players who log in will get the appropriate recipes and quests if applicable.


My Own Sink is a pack that can be tailored by the end user depending upon their desired play style. The pack is challenging, with difficult mobs, dungeons and boss fights.  Chock full of the latest tech and magic mods and all the favorites most of us have come to love!  


Currently a large part of expert mode stage one is complete.  There are still quests to add and a few staging issues I need to clear up before starting work on stage two.  Freestyle mode works but I have yet to add in some quickstart quests.  I'm aiming to get that in the next release for a few tech and a few magic mods. Tutorial mode isn't quite off the ground yet.  I need to build an engaging map using the Lost Cities worldgen and create labs and areas for experimenting with mods in the pack.  That and the quests to go along with it all.


This pack includes the mod Hardcore Darkness. Using a mod like Optifine for dynamic lighting is highly recommended.  However you can just stay inside during the new moon too,  up to you. Optifine is available for download here.


Choose three different modes to get through the pack:

Expert Mode (Work In Progress)

A challenging progression will take you from basic tool making to the future.  Quest chains and recipes have been tailored to require you to go deep into many of both the magic and technology mods and defeat brutal bosses to make it to the finale!  You will get to choose your path though.  Collecting tokens,  empowering them through tech or through magic if you choose.  Only with enough tokens can you proceed to the next stage of the pack.


Freestyle Mode (Work In Progress)

Smack in between both modes is Freestyle play.  This mode leverages some of the tutorial like quests to help you skip early game mods and jump right into the mid game.  You won't be harvesting loads of sand, clay and gravel to get there.  You will be challenged by some progression in the mid to late game and the bosses you will face are still out for blood....


Tutorial Mode - (Not yet Implemented)

Have you ever wanted to learn some challenging tech or magic mods but don't have time for the grind?  In tutorial mode the pack has quest chains for specific mod packs designed to help you learn the mods with an accelerated learning curve.  You will spend a minimal amount of time grinding so you can focus specifically on learning the mod rather then first having to go through a forced early game progression.


For discussion on the mod please use the Minecraft Forum Thread

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