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2.4M Downloads Updated Sep 18, 2022 Created Dec 8, 2020

1.18 Modpack with everyone's favorite mods as well as a ton of new mods...

1.2M Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2022 Created Mar 18, 2021

Action RPG in Minecraft! Level up, learn talents and abilities, build a base, build farms...

279K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2022 Created Aug 3, 2022

Starting with only a tree, fill the void with large amounts of technology and magic!

5.5M Downloads Updated Aug 8, 2022 Created May 7, 2020

HUGE 1.16.5 Modpack. Can you get to the Creative items by making the "ATM...

3.4M Downloads Updated Jul 28, 2020 Created Mar 26, 2018

Kinda like SkyBlock, except you don't start with a tree and you're surrounded by stone

691K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2022 Created Jul 17, 2020

Improve your graphics and performance with this simple modpack. 1.19.2, but friendlier!

1.6M Downloads Updated May 18, 2022 Created Jan 15, 2021

An RPG modpack that actually gives the player an immersive storyline and complex worldview.

1.4M Downloads Updated Dec 28, 2020 Created Nov 29, 2017

Decimation is a Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse Mod, consisting of guns, war, tools and features that...

1.2M Downloads Updated Jul 22, 2022 Created Sep 8, 2020

Pokéhaan Craft is a Pixelmon Modpack, with Pokestops, Challenges and much more. Newer version of...

656K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2022 Created Jul 2, 2021

All the Mods 1.16 Magic Pack

3.2M Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2022 Created Jun 6, 2020

A modpack in 1.16.5 with a mixture of technology, magic, exploration, adventure with Vanilla+ aspect...

358K Downloads Updated Aug 9, 2022 Created Jun 2, 2021

A Hardcore Zombie and Parasite Apocalypse survival experience

399K Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2022 Created Apr 29, 2020

Experience one of the worlds most significant conflicts. With close-quarters battles in iconic WWII environments,...

118K Downloads Updated Jul 19, 2022 Created Jan 2, 2022

[1.18] Neat and simple mod-pack focused on Create, flavored with quality mods that enhance creativity...

1.3M Downloads Updated May 5, 2021 Created Mar 29, 2018

Crazy Craft Just Not As Crazy.

550K Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2022 Created Feb 16, 2021

A modpack based around origins and their addons

668K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2022 Created Aug 29, 2016

Official Modpack by the creators of MineColonies

1M Downloads Updated Feb 15, 2021 Created Mar 16, 2020

New Beginnings is a 1.15.2 modpack that adds to the vanilla experience.

1.2M Downloads Updated Aug 22, 2022 Created Jun 13, 2020

Play with new mods and old favorites in Minecraft 1.16.5! E6 offers a boatload of...