Multiblock Madness

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Filename Multiblock
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Uploaded Nov 22, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
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 2.0.3 - More Fixes


***Update your questbook with "/bq_admin default load"!***


***Bug Fixes:***
-Fixed Ironwood Scaffolding bug in Assembling Machine
-Fixed Precision Laser Etcher recipe such that it is obtainable before obtaining Advanced Circuits
-Fixed incorrect amount of gold wires for the Enhanced Redstone Block when crafted with the Mass Manufacturer


***Questbook changes:***
-Fixed Zircalloy and Zirconium quests in the ingot page
-Fixed Blue Juice quest
-Fixed Rubber quest
-Fixed the ME Drive quest


***Mod Changes:***


***General Changes:***
-Ported Chapter Essence recipes to Chemical Reactor
-Made Ender Ore green when scanned for
-Added Sodalite to the Centrifuge


***Config Changes:***
-Chisel x Forge Microblocks compat


***Recipe Changes:***
-New Airtight Seal recipe (old recipe for Airtight Seal was disabled)
-Added machine recipes for molten bedrock and tokens
-Ported remaining Extreme Table recipes to Ultimate Table (unchanged for now)
-Ritual Dismantler


-Switched Ember Lens to Grand Crystal in Crystal Lattice


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