Multiblock Madness

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Multiblock Madness



Bored of the normal expert packs out there? Try Multiblock Madness! We've got exploration, dimensions, 3D crafting, and a slew of multiblock machines that do everything from collect lunar energy to killing virtual mobs to processing various types of metals. The pack starts you off at around vanilla minecraft level, with very few changed vanilla recipes, and quickly ramps up from there. Allowing for a fantastic gameplay for both newcomers to the modded scene, as well as seasoned experts.


  • All new ore generation, it spawns in large veins of several related ore types!


  • Custom 8x ore processing through Rockhounding!


  • Over 400 Quests!


  • Jei has been cleaned up, no more seeing that every block can be painted and enchanted with Vanishing!


  • Join and play on our public server! No need to manually connect, it starts connected when you open the pack.
  • Almost all multiblocks in the pack have a custom preview feature!


  • Use many highly advanced Tech Mods, such as Nuclearcraft Overhauled, QMD, and Rockhounding!



  • Take on many challenging mobs with Mowzies Mobs and Ice and Fire.


  • Venture into the Twilight Forest, loot plenty of locked chests with Treasure2, and brave the hostile yet rewarding Beneath.


Using Compact Machines 3D Miniaturization feature, craft a variety of machine frames and magical items.


Ember's Machine Core:

Ember Machine Core


Blood Magic Altar:

Blood Magic Altar




Create the ultimate material processing factory and build the most advanced machines.


  •  Make use of a custom 8x ore processing system through Rockhounding.


  • Use Immersive Engineering's Excavators with custom mineral veins to generate large amounts of ore mid game, then dive into chemistry with Rockhounding (complete with a quest page that will take you through the mod) to extract surprisingly large amounts of resources from Uninspected Minerals and smelt efficiency boosting alloys.


  • Revamped ore gen; most ore now spawns in fairly large clusters with other related ores.




Empower yourself with Astral Sorcery, find powerful spells and trinkets with Electroblobs Wizardry, become the ultimate ritualist through Blood Magic, and tame the Void with Thaumcraft.


Chapter 1: First Tools

Chapter 1


Chapter 2: Basic Alloys

Chapter 2


Chapter 3: Steel

Chapter 3


Chapter 4: Refined Iron

Chapter 4


Chapter 5: Osmium


Chapter 6: Iridium


Chapter 7: Ultimate Ingot

Chapter 7


Chapter 8: Creative Items

Chapter 8


Rockhounding Page:



Custom ore veins:


If you're experiencing issues with shaders bugging out, being pitch black etc, try the following:

In the advancedRocketry.cfg located under Instances\Multiblock Madness\config\advRocketry\advancedRocketry.cfg


line 55: B:overworldSkyOverride=false


To false instead of true

If you're experiencing the same issue on other planets / space stations, do the same for

line 40: B:PanetSkyOverride=false
line 43: B:StationSkyOverride=false


Notice: Make sure you load the shader after you've loaded into your world, as attempting to do it in the main menu seems to always make the game crash.

+ If you're experiencing a horizontal line that splits your skybox when you look at it
goto astralsorcery.cfg in Instances\Multiblock Madness\config\astralsorcery.cfg

Add 0 to

line 206: # IF a dimensionId is listed in 'skySupportedDimensions' you can add it here to keep its sky render, but AS will try to render only constellations on top of its existing sky render. [default: ]
S:weakSkyRenders <

 Thanks ⛧Mewbone⛧ from our Discord for this!





With the release of version 2.0.0, I'm happy to announce that the pack is finished!


The developmental goal of this pack is going to be a complete expert style pack, centered around Metal Tiers, Multiblocks, and unusual means of crafting. There should be a good mix of magic and tech, combat and exploration. Building should be fun and not a chore.


For the Modlist, click on the Relations page on the top.


I'd like to thank the awesome Bisect Hosting team for the support and help, especially Raptor for the excellent logo and page art, and Kapono for the ore vein charts and menu art. 

My discord channel, for great feedback and a great time playing on the server.

NimbleNinja for helping with the Modular Machines.

Lil_deetz for letting me screenshot his base for use in the quest book splash.

Huschiro for helping out with crashlogs and making it to end game.

Hacatu for the indepth feedback.

Hua En for some scripts and great constructive feedback.

Recoherent for designing a Multiblock and writing the Nuclearcraft Chapter.

Arsylk for adding some Agricraft seeds and making super cool setups with Integrated Dynamics.

Novastar for being so invested in everything!

Patreon Supporters:

DAMunzy, thanks for the coffee!

David Moore!


Timothy Porter!


Cole MacGrath1