1,076 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

Are you annoyed of high tech modpacks? This is an easy modpack with less tech. It's a bit too easy because of Chickens, but if you like too easy modpacks, it's right. Or you can just remove it, it's ok. (removed since 1.5.2)

There are wheater mods and many helpful mods. It's a modpack, where you can do so much, but all with less technic. It's just for fun. You can store infinite items... You can get all, what you want (if it is included). It's funny and maybe for not very good computers. 


The modpack is mainly for me and my girlfriend, because of that it is so easy. But it's a modpack from which I can learn about modpacks. So if you find something weird, you can report it to me. But don't forget: it should be easy! 


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