Modpack The Modpack 3: It's time to stop edition

This modpack is for those who enjoy the older versions of Minecraft but also want a taste of some of those newer mods that you cant get anywhere else. if you like the sounds of that, then this modpack might just be the right one for you!

Some of the "Newer" mods in this modpack include but are not limited to: Astral Sorcery, (might be removed in the future) GLASS or otherwise known as General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen, the new and most definitely improved Portal Gun mod by ichun, and of course some mods that did exist before but have just updated so much that they are like whole new mods!

Some of the "Older" mods include: Tinker's Construct, IC2, Draconic Evolution, Thermal Expansion, Sync, even the newly available Mekanism, and of course many more!

Some of the many things you can do in this modpack is: explode your friends base with a giant chance cube that just happened to spawn an Energy vortex from Draconic Evolution! or even just fly a rocket into them with Advanced Rocketry.

I will be continuing to update this modpack with many new features and improvements!