Embark on a satisfying rise to power on your journey through a land filled with relentless supernatural beings: The Witching Hour modpack is dedicated to allowing you chart a course through various magical modpacks in an effort to overcome the steep challenge of the world and its inhabitants.

Core Mods:

Utilizing Ars Nouveau (and the Ars Elemental Expansion), create your own spells using an easy to follow format. Want something a bit more difficult? Mana and Artifice offers more freedom in spellcrafting, at the cost of heavily utilizing resources for each of your creations individually. Feeling even bolder? Axperiment with Psi (which has been aesthetically revamped with Magical Psi: Redux) to have even more control over what your spells can do. We've chosen these three mods to be the cornerstones of spell crafting in an effort to give all players the tools to become spellcasters, regardless of how much effort you wish to invest.


Given the presence of Apotheosis and a plethora of weapons and tools with special abilities in this modpack, forgoing a heavy focus on magic is just as viable. We've added Tinkerers Construct for those who want to forgo magic completely: When combined with Apotheosis, the weapons and tools you can create will be more than enough to brave the wilderness without slinging lightning bolts.


Is production more your style? While there aren't any tech mods in this modpack, there are ample ways to create automated production and utility systems through the use of Mana and Artifice, Occultism and Blood Magic.


Supplementary Mods:

We've added a plethora of other smaller mods in order to further enhance the aesthetic of being in a dark, fantasy world. We've modified or created origins to suit the aesthetic of the setting, added many furniture and decoration mods, and included a large roster of new enemies, bosses and a very small number of dimensions for you to face.