Modern Infinity

1,744 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Modern Infinity is a 1.12 modpack with a lot of mods based around surviving in a sunken world. It is very similar to skyblock modpacks, the only difference is, that you are in a infite water world. The pack is quest based. Every minor recipe has been changed, you will need to put a lot of time into playing this pack, if you wanna get to the endgame.


Basic thoughts

The modpack is based on Immersive Engineering. Any other energy sources or power cables are not available in the early game. Also, a lot of building mods are installed, obviously including Chisel, ArchitectureCraft, etc. We try to put the style aspect in the foreground, with good locking machines, power lines, and buildings.


Texture Pack

The texture pack 'Modern Infinity' is included in the modpack and is a tweaking texture pack. We recommend putting it in for full compatibility, but its not required.


You can also download the official 'Modern Infinity - Sphax' pack. But keep in mind, that changing texture packs with this size, can take up to 15 minutes, even with fast computers. So better choose if you wanna play normal or sphax, and keep that selected.



System requirements

You need at least 7 GB of RAM to play this modpack. We recommend Optifine for slow computers. Unfortunately we are not allowed to put Optifine in the public modpack, so you have to download it yourself. A suitable version can be found here.


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