BuildTweaks Reloaded

2,753 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2019 Game Version: Forge

This mod is written for the modpack Modern Infinity.


It only adds some blocks and items for crafting in Modern Infinity.



- Basic Machine Frame

- Hardened Machine Frame

- Reinforced Machine Frame

- Resonant Machine Frame

- Factory Machine Block

- Draconium Dust Block

- Dry Draconium Dust Block

- Quartz Sand Block



- Pressed Blutonium Ingot

- Dry Draconium Dust

- Reinforced Dry Leather

- Salted Leather

- Draconic Crafting Core

- Clean Quartz Dust



This mod is a completely rewritten version of the old Build Tweaks for the Modpack 'Project MineBuild' in version 1.10. All the crafting changes made by that mod, have been removed. These are not required anymore, due to better Crafttweaker support in 1.12.


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