Mineshafts & Monsters

307,894 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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A story-driven, immersive, difficult, and rewarding mod-pack with a complex and panoramic worldview. Build reputation and fame from different factions, obtain quests from villagers to locate the new lost ender eyes, defeat the RIDICULOUSLY-buffed ender dragon.

  • Hundreds of New Structure that are sometimes filled with traps, or loots
  • A Complete Quest-line Compulsory to Finish the Game, and a Good Amount of Side Quests
  • A Dynamic World Where Mobs of Different Factions fight with Each Other! (Cross-mod compatibility!)
  • Reputation System for Different Factions
  • Breath-taking Biomes and Complete Cave Overhaul
  • Hundreds of Animals, Monsters and Dragons
  • Many QOL Mods (New QOL Updates)
  • Build Your Own Colony in Your Off Time, use FTBChunk to keep the colony working while you go off exploring!
  • Don't like to build a Kingdom? Try the Adventure version which uses an RLCraft-like progression method!

Take a look yourself!


Basic Overview of the pack:


Gameplay - English:

100 Days in the Mowzie's Update of Mineshaft and Monsters -

100 Days in the QOL Update of Mineshafts & Monsters (SMP!) -

*Note: Many bugs and crashes of the QOLUpdate have been fixed thanks to this video :D

Gameplay - Russian/русский:

Полное прохождение сборки Mineshafts and Monsters в обновлении Mowzies Mob -


1) Install Overwolf Curseforge Launcher: https://curseforge.overwolf.com/

2) Allocate Enough Ram to Minecraft, but NOT TOO MUCH.

3) Search 'Mineshafts & Monsters' in modpack, install it.

4) Strongly recommend playing this pack with Optifine, it's not a part of the pack because since I don't officially have their permission. But you are more than welcome to install it yourself for major Performance UpgradeShaders and bonus features from Resource Pack.



Full Version: 5 GB Minimum, 6-7 GB Recommended

Lite Version: 4 GB Minimum, 5-6 GB Recommended

Q: Can I remove/add mods inside the pack?
A: You can add or remove any mod and play for personal use. However, I would strongly suggest you NOT to remove mods in the pack since it messes up the game progressions. With that being said, these mods can be safely removed without messing up the progression: Camera Overhaul, Physics Mod, Dynamic Surroundings, Enhanced Visuals. If you want to play a highly customizable pack, I would suggest the older version "U Die U Noob" releases, since no progression line is created in that release.

Q: What is the difference between adventure and normal version?

A: Adventure version is the version WITHOUT minecolonies. It uses 'rereskillable', which is the feature that RLCraft uses to lock items behind levels. Normal version contains the normal minecolonies and fame system.

Q: Can I remove the resource pack?

A: Don’t, it is integral for this pack for multiple reasons.

Q: Do I need optifine?

A: It's highly recommended. But if it's causing issues, you can remove it, though some things can be buggy and out of place.

Q: The pack is laggy for me, what can I do?

A: Make sure you didn't allocate too little or too much RAM to the game, both can cause performance issues. Also, try the LITE version.

Q: Why are some mobs invisible?

A: Could be a bug from Optifine, make sure you have the latest version (Click + Preview in the download site to look for the latest version available). Could also be mob ability added by infernal mobs. The difference being that infernal mobs actually have a health bar above them.

Q: Why are there no server.jar in the server pack?

A: You need to make a forge server first, then drag the server pack inside the server. Also, make sure to read README.txt and follow the instructions!


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