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You're sent to a strange world to find a way to solve the world's biggest problem: dwindling resources. With access to varying levels of both technology and magic, set up a foundation in this new world to send resources back home. Nobody ever said you'll be doing this for free, though. Buy useful and rare items to help you get set up, and sell your hard-earned resources for profit.


As you work you way through what the world has to offer, you'll learn secrets that can solve your world's problems via projectE and use it to complete your greatest challenge: getting back home.


This modpack has 3 tiers of both magic and technology mods to play through, many utility and decoration mods to make gameplay more fun, an in-game store to buy and sell all sorts of resources to with a currency system to make it easy, and an optional gamemode that ties all of the tech and magic mods into 2 lines of progression.


Gamemodes: /ftb_mode set mode

where mode can be "normal" or "prog" for the progressive mode.


Tech Shop Screen


Magic Shop Screen



Using this Pack:

Anyone can play this pack, and if you want to stream, go ahead! Optionally, I'd love to know about it so I can watch the stream too ;)


Mod Permissions:


All mods used in this modpack belong to their respective authors


Automagy is created and worked on by:

Tuhljin, Programming, art, design
Draanor, Main hourglass models and textures
Lorc, Icon templates used for wand focus upgrades


Botania is made by Vazkii


Currency is made by Ionaru


DragonAPI, Rotarycraft, and Electricraft are made by ReikaKalseki


Harvestcraft is made by MatrexsVigil and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack


Thaumcraft is made by Azanor


Thaumcraft NEI plugin is made by its creator


Thaumcraft Horizons is made by its creator



I recently began a partnership with Akliz! That means I get server space and you guys get a discount for their services with this URL: https://www.akliz.net/vnator

Note: I haven't set up the server yet, expect something my next modpack at a later date!


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