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Minecraft Billionaire

Discord for Discussion, Suggestions, and Bug Reports: https://discord.gg/pYAP9dJ

This pack is currently in "alpha", so expect bugs and an incomplete experience. The full release will have all content filled in as well as server files available. 



The world was brought back from the brink of ruin thanks to the journeys of a lone explorer. After so many years, the secrets to achieving utopia have been lost. It is now your turn to return to that strange dimension that once held such treasures. You won't be alone, though! You have the help of your guide back home (via the HQM questbook) and access to Noodle Corp's shop (via the Better Questing book). Of course, you can't get everything for free, and will have to work for it.


There are plenty of items, fluids, and sources of power you can sell to the shop to earn money, which can then be used to buy all sorts of ores, tech, and magic items. Can you conquer this strange world, let alone thrive? Can you claw your way back up to the top of the economic food chain? Can you rediscover and craft the wondrous items lost to the world? Welcome to Minecraft Billionaire.



Minecraft Billionaire is a kitchen sink type modpack that contains a variety of tech and magic mods, a questbook to guide you through them, 2 different difficulty modes (normal and progressive), and an in-game shop implemented using Fex's Small Money Mod and Better Questing. The questbook and shop are optional, but provide guidance and additional goals besides "reaching the end-game."


Major differences from its predecesor, Minecraft Millionaire, include:

  • A heavily expanded shop with over 200 items that can be bought or sold
  • Many more tech and magic mods, to create a grander experience
  • Over 400 story quests to guide you through the major mods and prog mode
  • Rewards for each quests, both relevant and random!
  • New forms of automated buying and selling to make auto-trading easier.
  • Progress Mode mixes up the normal ordering of mods in expert modes: more advanced mods come earlier (eg. Forestry), commonly early-game mods only come later game (eg. IC2)

Full Shop Images: https://imgur.com/a/be5GK 

Magic Buyables 

Buyable Tech


The modpack is currently in alpha and there will be more content added in the future. TODO:

  • Complete the end-game (draconic evolution, projectE, Avaritia, creative items) questlines
  • Fix bugs as they are discovered



This modpack contains Actually Additions and Actually Baubles.
This modpack contains Ars Magica 2: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ars-magica-2
This modpack contains Astral sorcery: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/astral-sorcery
This modpack contains BetterFPS by Guichaguri: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/betterfps
This modpack contains Environmental Tech by ValkyrieofNight
This modpack contains Fex's Small Money Mod by FEX96, with several modified textures
This modpack contains Pam's Harvest Craft by MatrexsVigil and Rhodox
This modpack contains Inventory Tweaks: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/inventory-tweaks
This modpack contains Openblocks Elevator: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/openblocks-elevator
This modpack contains Simple Generators by ValkyrieofNight