19,516 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 9, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Take on the role of an enterprising entrepreneur in this trade and economy based modpack with an Adventure Capitalist feel.


You could build an expansive corporation of industries and manufacturers, all lining your pockets with pennies from heaven.


Or show off your negotiating savvy by buying and selling goods to the global market. Even hunt down the best "high end" trades from local villagers.


Alas, you could kill and plunder your way to riches.


With customized loot tables, new villager trading tables, advancements, hidden mods to unlock and an unique economy, there are many way to become a MILLIONAIRE. 





If anyone would like to create a Custom Main Menu for this pack, that would be AWESOME! I am a programmer and not a designer.



FOR PREVIOUS SAVES: Start a world from the template map provided and copy/paste the data folder from that world to your saved game. 


SERVERS: A lot of mod updates which removed some blocks. Be sure to backup your world and run /fml confirm during loading. Also removed the console spam. Be sure to copy/paste over the data folder from the template map to your world. 


Single Player Mode: This modpack comes with custom content. Please use the template map provided. If you would like a customized world, change the Hardcore Map Reset config option to true, create a new world, copy/paste the data folder from the map template in the maps folder to your created world.

Multiplayer Servers: You may want to disable the villager trades as to inspire a true player-based economy as players buy and sell modded goods to each other. (or that is my hope, anyway) To do this, simply remove the config/vtt/trade_tables folder.


Note from Mod Author: If anyone hosts this on a server, I'd love to join you!! (man, that sounds desperate, but whatevs!!) If you have any suggestions, please add to the comments below.