Into The Core

718 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Take a journey through the world to find its Core. Dig your way through unique ecosystems living and thriving beneath the bedrock. 


Centered around the mod Advent of Ascension, you will find dangerous mobs and bosses, unique items and equipment and the ability to level up your skills. But be careful, the gods are always watching and your survival could depend on your favor with them. Especially at night!


To help you spelunker more efficiently you can equip a Mining helmet to help you see, use grappling hooks, build rope bridges and ladders and lay a rope from the top down to descend more safely to the ground. 


This is a light-weight modpack, only adding mods to help improve the vanilla and AoA experience, but not distract from it. 


Can you make it to the Core and find out what's hiding there?


Pack can be played at 4GB of RAM.


Planned updates include expanding the Achievement book.