Mikaria 10

641 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Mikaria is a modpack for Minecraft that drastically extends and at some points resembles the gameplay and functionality .


Say goodbye to your hopper under your ofen and instead build a huge ore processing plant, next to a power plant. Control all this with Computers writing your own controller.


Or skip that pesky technological approach and become a bloodmage instead. Spawn an undead army and sacrifice their souls to your own evil progression.


Or craft a strange alientech gun that somehow assembles magical power into technology. Fly. Shoot stuff. Or explode because you did it all wrong!


The world is yours.



I, the author, curate mods for a small server played by me and some friends. Guess the name :P


Mods come and go as we rate them. The general plan is to play wide without mods interferencing each other.  If scripts can fix something from being too op, we script. But generally spoken everything is as vanilla as possible. Give it a try if you want a solid1.10 instance (at least as solid as the 1.10 branch can be) .


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