1,613 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Interminatus is a deeply magical themed mod, having a pinch of lowtech added where it needs to be there. We tried our very best to balance it out to not be a kitchen sink pack, but also not an ultra hardcore conceder.


Having no real RF-Producer/Consumer you will be in need to find different solutions for your automation, centralization and convenience plans. I promise, going super lategame is fully possible. But going your usual tinker->mfr->bigReactor->quarry route is NOT. Find alternatives, go the Rube Goldberg way. If you are new to modded minecraft, I propose you to play a more gated pack like AS2, or a convenience orientated pack like Infinity.

If youre tired of overconvenient autofarms and a too fast progressing midgame, this is the pack for you.


Stable, playable. Suitable for singleplayer, low/medium population servers.


You are very much expected to install Fastcraft along with this pack. The distribution of FastCraft on Curse seems to be limited to a group of official Partners which I am not part of. Sorry for the extra work!


If you are running Java 8, you will be required to add a single line of text to your Curse Client:





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