Mech & Magic LITE

27,589 Downloads Last Updated: May 25, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Mech & Magic Lite is the newest mod pack from YSNCO!


M&ML brings the best of Mech & Magic to users who might not be able to run the full size pack which normally runs near 6GB of RAM. 

This lite weight version is sure to give the same awesome experience at using just 2GB of RAM. We went through the modlist picking out mods that either no one really uses or mods that load hundreds of items and gave them the boot. While you may miss some aspects of these mods we have done our best to then add several smaller mods that may cover its functions as far as item, fluid, and power routing. 


As always we will take your opinions and criticisms and see how we can make this version of Mech & Magic better and better over time. 


If you prefer BDCraft's Sphax resource packs we do have a patch made up. Simply download Sphax HERE and then download the Mech & Magic 64x Resource Patch HERE.



Mech & Magic Lite runs on 2GB of RAM but for best results we recommend 3GB for a little buffer. 

Please do not contact us about pack issues, crashes, or performance if you added any mods or changed any configurations. 




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