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This mod is created specificaly for, but not limited to, the Mech & Magic mod-pack by Y0ungSandwich.


OreGen generates most of the commonly used ores.

All ore's have settings then can be altered in the config.

All ore's and other items (ingots, dusts, nuggets) are registered in the Forge Ore-Dict for compatibility with most mods.

There is also an early craftable "Coal Powered Crusher".



Coal-Powered Crusher. This machine crushes ore's and ingot's into dusts.


Blank Upgrade

Base upgrade needed to craft all other upgrades.


ISided Upgrade

This upgrade enables attachments of hoppers and pipes to auto insert/extract them.
These upgrades can be right-clicked into the Crusher.


Muffler Upgrade

This upgrade Muffles the sound it produces.
These upgrades can be right-clicked into the Crusher.



Crafting recipe for Bronze.



Grind Iron into IronDust and Coal into CoalDust. Combine these two to form SteelDust which can be smelted into an ingot afterwards.


Gui Icons

Gui icons for inserted upgrades.
To insert an upgrade one just right-clicked the desired upgrade into the Crusher block.


Other info:

All "Compacting Recipes", like 9 Copper Ingots into 1 Copper Block and vice versa, are there too for all Ore's.


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