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486K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2020 Created Jun 13, 2020

This is a Modpack designed to give players an easy time getting started.

1.3M Downloads Updated Feb 5, 2018 Created Oct 30, 2016

Forever alone on a dry hot world can you survive and rebuild

241K Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2020 Created Mar 23, 2019

You're stranded in the Antimatter Dimension, use the power of chemistry to escape it

2.2M Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2020 Created Nov 13, 2014

Beta: Total conversion skyblock quest pack. Learn mods, play with wildlife. Try to survive.

598K Downloads Updated Feb 18, 2017 Created Sep 26, 2016

EMC based, skyblock map where you start on a grass block and nothing more, Inspired...

693K Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2017 Created Aug 21, 2015

An HQM pack set in a desolate wasteland

46.1K Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2020 Created May 20, 2020

The third modpack of the Material Energy Series!

24.8K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2020 Created Nov 2, 2019

A heavily quest based modpack in the sky!

7.1K Downloads Updated Nov 27, 2020 Created Nov 17, 2020

A Peaceful, Skyblock-Style Questing Modpack.

6.4K Downloads Updated Nov 27, 2020 Created Oct 24, 2020

The list of all of the mods Forge Labs used in his "100 Days on...

8.2K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2020 Created Jun 29, 2020

The world's nothing but a vast and deadly ocean, and all you have is a...

172K Downloads Updated Dec 9, 2016 Created Apr 5, 2016

The Second Attempt on making a Anime Styled modpack.

112K Downloads Updated May 20, 2020 Created Apr 30, 2019

Be the hero and save the world in this one-of-a-kind modded Sci-Fi adventure. (Story-Based Progression)

7.1K Downloads Updated Sep 16, 2020 Created Aug 11, 2020

This is the modpack that Boodlyneck uses on his modded one block series.

55.8K Downloads Updated Feb 25, 2019 Created Apr 13, 2018

A skyblock pack based around agriculture

45.9K Downloads Updated Aug 28, 2017 Created Aug 28, 2017

have fun with it

297K Downloads Updated Mar 2, 2020 Created Oct 23, 2014

The original quest map pack.

109K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2020 Created Oct 23, 2016

30 Years have passed and evil has been growing.

221K Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2015 Created Apr 16, 2015

Build up your infrastructure and arm yourself with advanced tools and weaponry as three factions...

86.6K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2018 Created Oct 14, 2018

Prove your skills in this magic-themed modpack