Welcome to Forever Stranded


You have managed to crash on a planet. There is little around but sand. You will need to follow the quests lines as well as staying cool in this harsh environment. Beware of the night terrible things may happen 

The first challenge you will have to face is getting water to cope with the heat.

Second challenge getting food to over come the hunger 

The Map is set on hardcore 

More lives will come as you progress

Good luck my friends 

Server files rename template to "world". all lower case




MY Twitter: https://twitter.com/GWSheridan


Dont Join chat just to ask for a server or server files

Quick answers for small bugs to curse only 

If your using Tlauncher or Aternos you will "NOT" get any support

Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/0rXhR3z16wHPEfbt


Desert Map Creator Jay_Jones: https://twitter.com/CorruptedHobo









Mod List: