Magiculture 2

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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Mar 27, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:
- Pam's Harvestcraft, Storage Drawers, Extra Utilities
- Not Enough Roofs, FTB Lib, FTB Utilities
- Ambient Sounds
- AromaBackup, Aroma1997Core


What's New:

- Edited the description on the readme-style quest a bit


- Added some cool new roof blocks via Not Enough Roofs
- Cordwood recipe now can use any type of wood
- Clay buckets can be used to craft mud, lime plaster, slaked lime


- Dirty and Filtered water bottles no longer stack - sorry, this is to prevent a bug with TAN which causes an entire stack to be consumed at once


- Lowered the speed of Wraiths slightly
- Mobs in the Deep Dark can spawn with iron, bronze, steel gear


- I caved and added FTB Lib and FTB Utilities
- Since those mods have a backup system, AromaBackup has been removed
- The Deep Dark now uses dimension ID -100
- The EU2 manual has been hidden from JEI momentarially due to causing crashes


Bug Fixes:
- Fixed dynamic surroundings not working by back-dating ambient sounds


Known Issues:
- Underground lakes spawn in weird places, often floating in the middle of a regular cave
- All methods of creative flight other than the magic feather do not work (known bug with magic feather, waiting on fix)
- If a Yoyo breaks when held in the offhand, whatever is in your main hand will also break
- Thermal Foundation axes do not treechop (working on it)
- Extra Utilities mining upgrades do not work, and the EU2 guidebook crashes the client (investigating this)

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