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Magical Agriculture 

Magiculture is a modpack that has seen a lot of different incarnations. It started as private 1.7.10 pack I made for some friends, and since then we've been through 5 different versions (but we're just gonna call this one "2"). We released one of the very first versions of the pack HERE, but we've come a long way. This version is a 1.12.2 pack, made to showcase some of the different magic and exploration mods that exist for this version. However, keeping with the spirit of the name, a good deal of agriculture mods exist too, with a light sprinkling of tech.


Here are some of the defining features of this pack:

  • Lots to explore - Roguelike dungeons, OTG, thaumcraft, astral sorcery, and nether EX add exploration features, all with custom treasure and mob spawns. Features a fully-customized version of Biome Bundle, with advanced compatibility for mods like Biomes O Plenty, Thaumcraft, Bewitchment, and Quark. Caving is new and exciting as well, featuring 100% custom ore veins through COFHworld, the better caves mod, and some new underground features.
  • Loose progression - Grow your character in a number of different ways. Gain skills (via skillable mod), allowing you to unlock use of different items as you gain experience and grow your character in different directions. Begin with 5 hearts and acquire more through exploration, questing, or trading.
  • Questing guide - Complete better questing guide designed to introduce you to different mods in the pack. All quests grant XP, allowing you to progress your character skills as you progress through various goals. The pack also features a very loose story, for those that like their character to have some purpose in the world.
  • Better trading - Villager trades have been overhauled to feel more fair and provide a wider variety of modded items. Buying/selling at a village should feel like a viable way to gain items and experience. You can use coins collected from fighting mobs to buy things too!
  • Higher difficulty - Tough as nails, rough mobs, and nutrients have been fine-tuned to add elements of difficulty and challenge to the game without feeling overbearing. (examples - nutrients allows you to gain buffs and extra health if you diversify your diet, hardcore darkness allows for high immersion but you are not completely blind when outside at night unless it is a new moon).
  • Modular class system - Choose one of 3 professions (agriculture, adventuring, or engineering) and one of 3 magic disciplines (druidity, artificing, or occultism) to shape the mods your character will progress through. After completing all major quests within those trees, you may prestige and choose additional classes. Has a great multiplayer RPG feel! Optionally, turn this off by enabling No-Class mode in the options menu with PackModes.
  • Different ways to play - Want to live on a farm, feeding animals and gathering crops to take to the market and sell for coins each week? You can gain experience that way. Want to be a dungeoneer, travelling and exploring the land, slaying monsters with your greatsword? You can gain experience that way too. Want to be a sorcerer, or a druid, or an engineer? That works also.
  • End-game rewards - After finishing all profession and magic class quests, you gain the ability to find and loot special creative spectrite gemstones. These allow you to craft creative items, at a high cost.

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Some Highlighted Mods:



- Astral Sorcery

- Botania

- Electroblob's Wizardry

- Blood Magic

- Thaumcraft

- Roots Classic

- Embers Rekindled
- Bewitchment



- Reliquary

- Ability Totems

- Potion Rings

- Extra Alchemy

- Aetherworks

- Soot

- Animus

- Thaumic Periphery



- Rustic

- Animania
- Agricraft

- Pam's Harvestcraft

- Farming for Blockheads

- Bottled Milk

- Familiar Fauna

- XP from Harvest
- Pizzacraft

- Cooking for Blockheads



- Immersive Engineering

- Immersive Petroleum

- Immersive Tech

- Industrial Foregoing

- Simple Gravel Ores

- Ender IO

- Thermal Foundation (but NOT expansion, used to add metal tools/armor)



- Ceramics

- Earthworks

- Rustic

- Blockcraftery

- Chisel

- Chisels & Bits

- Crayfish Furniture Mod



- Biomes O' Plenty

- Biome Bundle (OTG)

- Quark

- Roguelike Dungeons

- Village Names

- Waystones

- Better Caves

- Twilight Forest

- The Beneath

- Nether EX

- Loottweaker (Fully custom loot tables)



- Spartan Shields

- Spartan Weaponry

- Elenai Dodge

- Aqua Acrobatics

- Rough Mobs

- Sophisticated Wolves

- Quality Tools

- Champions

- NoDamI

- Better Combat



- Tough as Nails

- Hardcore Darkness

- Corpse Complex

- Nutrients



- Refined Relocation

- Storage Drawers

- Refined Storage

- Ender Storage

- Iron Chests



- BetterFPS

- AI Improvements

- FoamFix

- VanillaFix

- Surge

- Performant



- Better Questing

- BQ Quest Book

- Skillable

- Inspirations

- Magic Feather

- Auto Oredict Converter

- The One Probe

- Crafttweaker

- Not Enough Items

- Morpheus

- Comforts

- Carry On

- Tree Chopper

- Nature's Compass

- Ender Compass

- More Overlays

- Quick Leaf Decay

- Grapple Mod

- Open Glider

- Open Elevators

- Hopper Ducts

- Scannable

- Waddles

- Better Bedrock Gen

- Torch Master

- Veining

- Wither Skeleton Tweaks

- Dropt


... and more! (mostly small QoL mods or libraries)


Pack Author - Luke616
Questing Contributors - Invader, Ricktor, Rihlsul, Meowyn, Skalfred, Lladar
Alpha Testers & Config Help - Invader, Lladar, Skalfred, BearKiller
Magiculture Logo - original by BearKiller, edited by Heiros
Ore Cluster Textures - Shadowclaimer
And a huge thanks to everyone who has left feedback or issue reports on CurseForge!

Thanks for reading, and if you decide to download, thanks for trying it out! Hope you enjoy our pack.
- Luke616

If you would like to keep up with the development of this pack, find people to play with, and talk to others about the modpack, check out our discord channel at:

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