Magical War

1,446 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Within the multidimensional battlefields that used to be peaceful, you duel upon foes of your kind to settle this feud once and for all... Who is the best magician? No place is safe from the war, and only one person shall prevail.

This pack has a theme of magic, with an undertone of war and battles. That means fast pace magical progressions is intended and some recipes/items are nerfed/buffed to balance the war evenly across mods. Due to war being the theme, the progression through multiple "Main mods" will slow you down (Made possible by slowing all progression through all "Main" mods early game, and speeding it up later game), meaning if you incentivize one over the others you will gain the advantage of later mid/late game items and abilities come to battle.

There are 3 basic categories of mods for simplicity. "Main" mods (Like thaumcraft, Astral sorcery, embers, and botaina to list a few) act as your main progression line. One of the changes to this category is the slowed start to prevent players from using more than one easily. You progress through these as normal. Then there are "Sub-main" Mods (Like Angel of vengeance, Twilight forest, Aether, and potioncraft+Extra alchemy...) These act as a modifier of sorts, adding a dynamic to your play and give rewards for being dynamic yourself. This could be by adding a skill tree, a place to explore for items, or adding new items to craft without incentivizing it over other mods. Then there are "Vanilla+" mods (Like quark, Better than mending and all the new enchantment mods...) These act as a way to shake up gameplay and add a bit of spice to your style. More quality of life than anything. You usually don't have to go out of your way to gain the benefits from these. 

Use these in combination with each other to create a unique war each time. Create your own rules for a server or just play by yourself like any other pack. Have fun!


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