Magical Progression

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A non-questing magic based progression modpack that has little/no tech, and has a smooth transition from every major magic mod! 


Magic. The empty space above and around dimensions; when its given value in the form of life force, and purpose, in the form of catalysts, it forms a tight glue-like bond in the air called the aura. This Aura was once broken completely in a cataclysmic event called the shattering.

When the aura is completely drained, the raw magic outside the dimension overpowered the fabric of reality causing the shattering. Rifts formed everywhere, and in places where the rifts spread large enough, huge chunks broke off. These shards gathered huge amounts of raw magic, and the basic forests and icy plains became huge canopies and even larger glaciers. This is the twilight forest. Other shards, particularly of the desert and swamp varieties transformed into similar dimensions such as the atum.

Some existing dimensions and realms shattered completely, like the between lands.  Leaving just a few shards of reality.
The midnight consists of the shards that fell behind the overworld but not quite into the twilight forest either. Still connected enough to survive off the aura the life of each brings. 

The end is the largest of the shattered planes. Its a complete mirror of the overworld, now broken in pieces. You can find remnants of old HUMAN construction there. The overworld sucked all the aura from it though, leaving only lifeless endergolems and a dragon, who supplies life for its servants. When you look them in the eyes, they are reminded of the lives they had before it was ripped away from them.



- Tooltips and info cards to give info

- Tons of new recipes

- Items not in any other pack

- *mods* not in any other pack

- Lore about the shattering 

- All magic

- Automation, progression, and exploration focused

- An expert pack in its core, while still being friendly for regular players 

- Plays like a sandbox (Choose your own goal, the finish is when you are satisfied with your experience) 


- 8+ dimensions to explore

- Enhanced tool customization without tinkers (Via enchants, attributes, and other stuff)

-  A story that unfolds as you learn about the items (WIP)

- Tons of potions, ways to brew, and ways to customize them. Mix them together for extra fun!

- No resource animals!

- Mining experience overhauled
- 1.13+ content! New swimming, conduits, and tridents galore!


- The first pack to have Divine Favor

- Within the first to have natures aura


- First pack to have  Demense
============= - Please submit any feedback you have about the pack here, in the comments, or on Reddit! Any of it is appreciated! Even negative!


If you want to do a let's play or showcase, PM me - I might put it on this page or even give you pre-release builds of the pack! If one does do this, it will be extremely helpful for me to study how others play the pack!


If you need any help, found a glitch, or if you are stuck - Open an issue, pm me, or comment on curse!


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