KidZ 4 - Dragons and Creepers

KidZ Minecraft top ModpackKidZ 4 - Dragons and Creepers is a modpack I made for my kids, but also for their friends, my friends and everyone that likes modded MC.


A challenging pack adapted to players that are new to moddded minecraft. Even if the learning curve is easy, the pack itself is full of small tweaks and quests to help newer players as well as improving immersion. 


Centered around Create, Minecolonies, Mekanism, CC: Tweaked, Applied Energistics, Immersive Engineering, and a lot of Decorative and Quality of Life mods, this modpack follows the previously released KidZ modpack on Technic Launcher, KidZ 2 and KidZ 3 on curseforge.


It has also great multiplayer and questing options with team management and a lot of quests that gives you some deeper explanation on how to use things.


It has quite more mods than the previous version, and should be adapted to a mid-range computer. If you have trouble, please use an earlier version (look for KidZ 2 which is the lightest). Most probably you want to get a server if your game is laggy ;)

KidZ 3 Minecraft Modpack Features


  • Exciting Quests with Walkthroughs
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • New Mobs and Challenges
  • Better Survivability with More Hearts
  • Mighty Weapons and Upgrades
  • Tons of Creative Decor Options
  • Immersive Exploration and Adventure
  • Varied Food Selections
  • Advanced Electricity and Automation
  • Innovative Machine Systems
  • In-Game LUA Programming for Tech Enthusiasts with Turtles


Server versions are available in most updates: make sure you read the changelog in order to adapt your server if there is no version available for the one you want to install (usually just about config/defaultconfig and mods folders)! Feel free to ask in comments below if you have trouble installing it.

KidZ 4 is officially partnered with BisectHosting. Use code maxwelljonez for 25% off the first month. The servers are really high quality and client service is very friendly. They have servers all around the globe. I can only highly recommend them.


Bissect Hosting Servers



Min 4GB RAM (local)

Best 6GB+ RAM (local)
Min 6GB RAM for servers

  • More Quests
  • Custom Main Menu
  • More Tweaked Crafting Recipe to Enhance the Experience



Please report bugs, though it seems pretty stable now, this is still WIP.


Much love to all mod developers, this wouldn't be possible without you ;)

Positive comments to help improve are highly welcome.


Please like the pack and share it, it's helping me to develop if further ;)



Click here --> curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/KidZ4/modlist



Hop on the discord and let's talk :)


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twitter: https://twitter.com/Maxwelljonez

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youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/Maxwelljonez

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maxwelljonez



The modpack is fully working: fully playable in it's ensemble, but the quests are not all finished. Updates are rolling new quests every version.


Please do NOT rehost/redistribute the modpack or any of its content, logo, name, custom configs, art on other platforms.

Of course it is OK to stream/shoot/make/share screenshots and videos of the modpack and its in-game content.