Jurassic Colonies

28,325 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Inspired by the Monster Hunter Series and Ark Survival, join a world full of fascinating and dangerous creatures.  Explore the world and defeat monsters to gain prestige. The more prestige you gain, the more citizens you attract, the more structures you can build. However, you are limited to what you can do, at first. You must use the talents and skills of your citizens to survive, or spend your prestige to unlock abilities.


But let's not forget the incredible gear and truly powerful elemental weapons you can craft to ultimately beat down your foes. 


Driven by a terrific story, and just a few mods to keep it a light pack, you will not lack for entertainment and stuff to do. 


Oh and did I mention DINOSAURS! You can find them, tame them and breed them! Along the same lines, there are a number of creatures you can summon as aid, tame as pets and ride as mounts equipped with saddle, chest AND armor! 


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The world is a single 6000 block x 4000 block "continent" created by Painted Biomes. The world will repeat when you get to the edge of the image. If you teleport 6000 blocks EAST/WEST or 4000 blocks NORTH,SOUTH, you will be in the same location on a new "continent". As this pack is highly biome based, this ensures the players can get to everything they need to relatively convenient. I would suggest a teleport system at spawn that will send players to new continents, and I would suggest 4 to 6 players per continent. Probably gonna need a honor system here!!


Additionally, I would suggest keepInventory is on as I have not included any death item-saving mod. I did this to mimic the RPG style gameplay of just going back to a checkpoint with all your stuff. The mobs are also super strong and trying to get to your gravestone would be an adventure all in its own.


There is also a serverInfo item which you can use to provide rules to your players. In the scripts folder, you will find a server folder and a serverInfo scripts where you can put your own messages. You can use FTB Utils starting inventory to grant this to players on first join.




What I would REALLY like, as Prehistoric Eclipse isn't survival ready, are some Monster Hunter type drops that can be crafting into awesome armor, if a mod author out there wants to take a crack at it.


I also wouldn't mind someone making some different worlds with Painted Biomes. Just make sure each standard biome, and a mesa-plateau, is included.