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Journey SMP Season 6 - Adventure Edition

Welcome to Journey SMP Season 6 its featured on the latest version of Minecraft 1.19.2 and features many new mods to make the game feel refreshing and new. Season 6 is on the Fabric Mod Loader and includes many quality of life changes you had been asking for over the last few seasons. The focus of the new Journey SMP Modpack is to regain the feeling of Journey SMP Season 1 with many new biomes, dimensions, boss fights, and challenges that await. You can expect a heavy basis around exploration and adventure in a multiplayer world. There are many new origins and a new looting system that helps contribute to the multiplayer experience. 

New Features: 
-Land/Chunk Claiming to protect your bases
-Teaming abilities to make multiplayer easier 
-A new ranking system for customization
-New building mechanics 
-Several new biomes and dimensions to explore
-New boss fights and an improved magic system
-New origins 
- A new skill leveling system to improve your player attributes
-A new mini map system  
-and much more alongside all your favorite past features 

If your looking for a modpack based on exploration and adventure you found the right one, this modpack has everything your looking for on Minecrafts latest version 1.19.2. Download the modpack now and if your looking for a place to play it feel free to dm BrandonX95#7373 on discord for more information on the Journey SMP Minecraft Server.