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The X95 PVP Client is a Minecraft PVP Client designed for versions 1.19.2+ on the Fabric mod loader. It has tons of features to help ensure a perfect PVP experience on Minecraft servers such as Tubnet, MCC Island, and PVP Legacy. It also includes free cosmetics and built in multiplayer (Essentials Mod) so you have no need to purchase a Minecraft server from a 3rd party host.

Key Features - 

  • High performance with both Sodium and Lithium Mods
  • Shader compatibility with Iris
  • Replay Mod
  • Low Fire, and Clear Water/Lava
  • Free built in cosmetics
  • Essentials Mod allowing built in multiplayer without the need of purchasing a server
  • Motion Blur and built in pvp texture packs
  • Inventory HUD+
  • Apple Skin & Enchantment Descriptions
  • Tons of other pvp utilities as well 

    DISCLAIMER: I own none of the mods featured in this modpack all credit goes to the original mod creators

    Modpack Created by BrandonX95
    Join the X95 Army to be apart of the community and give suggestions on the client