Into The Betweenlands

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This light-weight pack focuses mostly on the mod "The Betweenlands", a very unique dimension on its own.
There is no overworld, you will spawn inside the betweenlands and stay in it the entire time.



  • Most vanilla items have been completely disabled
  • The ones available + other modded items have adjusted recipes and textures to match the betweenlands
  • When you die, you keep your hotbar, your equipped lurker pouch, your armor, and your off-hand. Anything else in your inventory gets placed inside a grave.
  • Several Quality of Life mods to improve your time inside this swampy world, such as Ore Excavate (only works on ores and smaller trees), Wall-Jump, Find-Me)
  • Decorative mods to help spice up your buildings
  • Light-weight - while the betweenlands itself can be a bit on the heavier side, the pack has several performance mods to help with that
  • UI Texture Pack by Flint (


Looking for a server to play on? Join out discord to get access to the official Into The Betweenlands server!



Recommended 3-4GB RAM.

While you can use Optifine, i recommend to try without first. Optifine can cause some render glitches in the betweenlands. If you do end up using it, make sure to set "Fast Render" to OFF.


Created for my Twitch/Youtube series.


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